Friday, 14 December 2012

Kitchen Splash-Backs and Counter Tops

Discover a world of opportunities with glass in your kitchens and bathrooms: Splash-Backs and Counter Tops

Glass splash-backs and counter tops used in kitchens and bathrooms have grown hugely in popularity and have become a material of choice for designers and end users alike as their benefits in such applications are huge.

Match virtually any colour of your choice
Back painted glass will allow you to match virtually any pantone colour of your choice.

Be creative and innovative in design
Discover a wealth of options to boost your creativity and capacity to innovate using the latest techniques available.

- LED lights which can be positioned according to your own design within laminated glass create a unique effect and bring often much needed light to the cooking area.
- High quality digital graphics are an endless resource to recreate mood or styles that you wish to incorporate in your designs.
- Other specialty lamination such as mesh or fabrics bring more texture and design effects to the surface.

- The unique Filigree technique for super fine etching that creates amazing shapes and designs across the surface of the back-painted glass.

- Why not create more texture combining one of the above with new and traditional methods that shapes and forms the surface of the glass as per your wishes. Imagine glass metro tiles in the colour of your choice without the grout.

Complement any style
The glass surface offers a seamless and clean look for kitchens and bathrooms that combines well with any surface including stainless steel, wood or natural stones, and adapts to any style. Whether seeking to create a modern or traditional look, the versatility of the solutions offered by this noble material achieves all your design objectives.

Stay clean & hygienic
Stay clean and hygienic. Glass is grout free and easier to maintain. Make it faster to clean, more hygienic and looking like new for longer with the ClearShield System, durable surface protection for glass that makes its surface stain resistant, low-maintenance and anti-bacterial.

Do not wait. Contact us now to start experiencing the world of glass.
We can fulfil virtually all requirements and specifications for the reliable supply of customised and high quality glass splash-backs and counter tops, as single units or in higher volumes, through the GLAZZ range .
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