Thursday, 17 January 2013

Create signature mirrors that bear your own designs

The GLAZZ range possesses innovative techniques to produce and personalise mirror surfaces recreating virtually any design and decorative effect, be it a graphic image, a texture or a creative shape.

  • Innovative stencilling and fine etching techniques, Intricut and Filigree, which will replicate virtually any design from a simple image, sketch or CAD drawing, onto a mirror surface.
  • Antique mirror effects.
  • Attractive glass surface transformation techniques including v-groove, acid texturing, sandblasting, bevelling and glass carving forming textures on the glass, customised or from existing designs.
  • Backpainting to bring more colours into the mirror in the etched areas.
  • Single and double axis glass bending techniques forming creative shapes (may create visual distortions and affect optical clarity).
  • Clear, extra clear, grey or bronze mirrors.

Commonly used in interior design to expand visual space or reflect light, mirrors have the potential to become a great focal point in any room. They reflect colours, objects and special lighting from adjacent walls and spaces creating exciting visual effects. Experimenting with the way they are shaped, framed or used can have a considerable decorative impact.

Today modern techniques have expanded the creative field by making it possible to recreate intricate as well as minimalist textures and designs onto their surface, forming exciting shapes and adding colour. 

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