Monday, 4 February 2013

From Inspiration, to Design and Execution - Create your own Mirrors and Patterns

Designers can today reproduce virtually any designs and patterns into stunning decorative mirrors.
Inspiration may come at the most unexpected time, sometimes from nature, an object, an image
a photograph, a building, or even a situation or a comment. Whatever their inspiration, it can be 
turned into a design or pattern, by themselves or with assistance of the mirror manufacturer, and
then executed to perfection creating truly stunning and unique signature mirrors.

Filigree™, a proprietary development part the GLAZZ™ range of decorative glass, uses a very fine

etching technique to replicate virtually any design from a simple image, sketch or CAD drawing
onto a mirror surface. The technology is able to etch very fine lines onto the glass surface. Designs
mat be rendered in lines as thin as 1mm to create elegant, minimalistic or sophisticated 
compositions. Adding a back light will then just add to the decorative impact in the interior.

Such mirrors may be made as unique pieces or in larger volumes for anyone wishing to develop

their own range of patterns or mirror products.

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