Thursday, 20 June 2013

Poseidon shower hinges, the very best in quality and design for frameless contemporary showers

Modern in design and innovative in functionality, the shower fittings Poseidon create a new generation of frameless shower enclosures using German Engineering and top quality materials.

Transparency and brilliance are combined with flexibility to create real glass showers using integrated screw fittings that guarantee durability and easy care.

High quality and careful choice of raw materials and surface finishes produce very durable and high precision fittings. The innovative flush effect with the glass achieves a unique look and cleaner looking showers. Flexible adjustments allow for a perfect fitting, 100% water proof showers and easy installation.

The Lifting range and Varion Plus range provide innovative solutions for space restrictions and showers without a tray.

Available in polished and satin chrome, or 24 karat gold plated.

More information on the Poseidon hinges can be found on our website by clicking here , or contact us on

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