Thursday, 15 October 2015

Glass Signage

As SLEEP, London's Hotel & Design Event, is now fast approaching, what better time to look at how glass can greatly contribute to the creation of stunning interiors in a hospitality environment. And what better start than to look at signage. 

Signage is everywhere in hotels, bars and restaurants. They may be used to promote the name and brand of the establishment, direct guests to lifts, bars, restaurants, conference rooms, spas and health centres, or just be informative indicating room numbers, rest room entries, cloak rooms or staircases. 

Now think of glass. Just consider embossing or etching shapes, numbers and patterns, adding vibrant colours, using mirroring effects or antique mirrors surfaces, all brought to life with clever LED lighting. Mixing those techniques can result in either dynamic and exciting focus points, or simple and discrete elements, to suit the design brief. And glass is ageless and easier to maintain.

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