Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Antique Mirror Glass

Achieve sophistication and originality in your interiors

with our hand-crafted antique mirror glass range.

Add this unique finish to the natural brightness and depth of mirrors to create stunning 

feature walls     ...     backsplashes     ...     counter and table tops
wardrobe and cabinet doors     ...     wall hanging mirrors     ...     and much more

We control colour tones and density across the surface of the mirrors 
to fulfil your very specific designs and to ensure they sit in total harmony with their surroundings.

Grey antique mirror .. Gold antique mirror .. Bronze antique mirror .. Silver antique mirror

Further add patterns and texture to make your mirrors truly unique.

We offer a complete and professional solution including measurement and installation services.

We will be happy to present our beautiful samples to you. Bespoke samples may be made for specific projects.

Discover our range on www.alguacilperkoff.com or 

Contact US now for further details at info@alguacilperkoff.com

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