Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Discovering new talents ... Shad Lityani

How does anyone choose Art on behalf of someone else? I guess the answer is no-one really does. One may suggest the work of an artist, introduce someone to a particular work of Art. However, ultimately, one has to discover it, experience it, connect with it and develop an emotion towards it. Art is a personal experience.

www.toshu.eu is a new platform that helps generate exposure for the work of talented young emerging Indian artists outside of India. Its aim is to help in creating that connection, that interest, that discovery. In order to do that, Toshu aims at introducing not just the work, but also the artist behind it. Today we are offering you to discover Shad Lityani.

Shad is a fascinating award-winning artist from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. Her work reflects her very strong sensibility, her inner conflicts, her strengths and her vulnerabilities. Her paintings create a network of connections, always on the edge between darkness and light. 

Contact us now on toshu@alguacilperkoff.com to discover more about Shad's work, to acquire one of her paintings or to commission the artist. Commission work is available not only for residential projects, but also corporate and hospitality.

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