Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sensitivity and softness in Ceramics as you have never seen it before

Nicholas transforms the substrate in a way that conveys softness and sumptuousness thereby challenging the very perception of Ceramic as a material. One is eventually compelled to feel its perceived softness in a way that one feels the luxurious texture of silk.

Working to site specific briefs and in close collaboration with designers, Nicholas creates artistic and truly beautiful accessories, installations and murals, contributing his unique aesthetics and own personal language, throwing.

The work of Nicholas has already been selected as individual museum pieces, and contributes to the sumptuous interiors of luxury hotels, corporate offices and residencies. Stunning installations, murals, and unique vessels all illustrate his incredible talent and absolute authority on Ceramic. 

More information on Nicholas exquisite body of work can be found on our website by clicking here , or contract us on

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