Thursday, 19 May 2016

AP Back-Illuminated Mirror Walls

AP Back-Illuminated Mirror Walls are fully bespoke and help designers achieve dynamic, original and spectacular focus points, or simply make more minimalist and artistic statements, depending on the theme of the interior or whether used in hospitality, including hotels, restaurants and clubs, retail and commercial spaces, or in residential projects.

Feature walls are a must when designing distinctive and inspiring interiors. Modern techniques and technologies are always offering new ways to combine colours, materials, finishes and lighting to achieve striking results. AP Back-Illuminated Mirror Walls combine a cutting edge back-lighting technology with innovative etching techniques to create superb feature walls.

Commonly used in modern interior design to expand visual space and reflect light, colours, objects and sceneries, mirrors are always great focal points in any room. Adding very finely etched patterns and designs on their surface creates beautiful and unique mirrors that really come to life when back-illuminated.

The etched pattern may reflect a design or architectural feature in the project, highlight a brand or corporate identity, designate areas for public or staff, or simply form a unique and artistic decorative mirror panel.
We offer a measurement and installation service, including basic joinery to house the mirrors if required.

Contact us now for more information on how to create your own AP Back-Illuminated Mirror Wall.

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