Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The aesthetics & illumination of Dual-Finish Glass Partitioning™ using Filigree Glass™ etching

Glass is often a material of choice when creating partitioning. It lets light travel between the rooms and has much less wear and tear over time than most surfaces, especially when protected with the ClearShield Eco-System™, which keeps its surface easier to clean and keep clean.

But far beyond the practical benefits when setting out to separate areas, glass partitioning has huge potential to create stunning and dynamic interiors. Today we are exploring the aesthetics and illumination of the specialist & refined technique of Filigree Glass™ used within a Dual-Finish Partition™.

This exciting new and innovative technique is very versatile as it creates delicate and intricate or just minimalist and geometric patterns onto the surface of glass and mirrors. Overcoming the limitations of traditional stencils, designs are rendered in lines as thin as 1mm using cutting-edge technology.

The patterns come to life when back-illuminated creating a stunning effect for creative and modern interiors.

Patterns look incredible on a back-painted glass, in virtually any colour of your choice.

And work particularly well on mirror surfaces, which add a great sense of space and light to any room.

Dual Finish Glass Partitions™ create stunning partitioning that adapt to the specific design themes on either side of it. Laminate backpainted and mirror glass together to create very unique finishes on either side of the partition, with natural light still shining through and creating a very dynamic and unique effect on the glass.

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